Rob Barr - Your Voice

A Voice for Liberty of Choice

We need to restore our God given, constitutionally protected, liberties.
Individual Americans should be free to choose their own lives, not have their options dictated by Government bureaucrats. Particularly with regard to Health and Education.   

We cannot allow bureaucrats to make our health decisions. Each person should be able to choose their Medical Treatments and have all reasonable options available to them. 

We cannot allow bureaucrats to decide our children’s education. Parents should get to choose their child’s school and make the final decisions on what they learn.

The people need to stop thinking that the bureaucrats have their best interest at heart; they do not.  I will always vote to ensure that these and other freedoms intended by the Constitution will not be taken from the people of Arizona’s LD-17. 

A Voice on How Tax Dollars are Spent

I will ensure that your tax dollars are not spent on abortion or other controversial medical procedures. I will work to reform the state Highway User Revenue Fund to ensure that our roads are on par with the taxes we pay on vehicle registration, fuel tax, etc. 

A Voice for Small Business 

Our country primarily operates on the backs of small businesses and their employees. We need to reduce regulation, bureaucracy, and the control of small businesses by bureaucrats.